Footballing prowess vs Vocal prowess


Deal Town vs Dulwich Hamlet



FA Cup Qualifying Round 2: Dulwich Hamlet vs Chalfont St Peter

FA Cup Qualifying Round 3: AFC Hornchurch vs Dulwich Hamlet

FA Cup Qualifying Round 4: AFC Hornchurch vs Team Bath

FA Cup First Round: Team Bath vs Chasetown

FA Cup Second Round: Port Vale vs Chasetown

FA Cup Third Round: Chasetown vs Cardiff City

FA Cup Fourth Round: ??? vs ???

FA Cup Fifth Round: ??? vs ???

FA Cup Sixth Round: ??? vs ???

FA Cup Semi Final: ??? vs ???

FA Cup Final: ??? vs ???


Bamos on the Dulwich vs Deal match

FA Cup Qualifying Round 1: Stats

Dulwich Hamlet 2 - 2 Deal Town

The next round…

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Saturday, September 15

I’ll Chalfont your St Peter

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Some home truths

Tuesday, September 18

Deal with it

Five days…

Sunday Sunday

Someone change the calendar!!!

Nice arse!

Is that David Pleat? My god he has put on weight.

Third Round

‘AFC’ Hornchurch

This is how serious I am taking this run


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Fixture changes

Martinigate: Redux

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Shitrape Carpet

36 hours to Hornchurch…

Word from the Boss

Have No Fear….

Shitrape Carpet

Yeah mate, yeah

His Voice was high but his heart was broken…

We’re off to Hornchurch again…

The final countdown…

Over and over and over again…

“Back to studies on Monday!”

This is a family club, you b*stard…


The excitement builds…

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“Team” Bath vs Chasetown

Next Round

With one strike, history is made…

It’s the little things that make it all worthwhile

Watch out Robbie, here comes the FA Cup Run Team

A phonecall…

Ticket Update

Vale, Vale rock’n'roll…

‘She’s a lesbian’ ‘FIT! Even better’ (Part 1)

Setting the scene

‘She’s a Lesbian’ ‘FIT! Even better’ (Part 2)

The Chris Kamara-esque first reactions


It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.

It’s 9pm on Christmas Day and I’m bored

And we’re back…